Did VEVO really added something on One Direction’s biggest hit “What Makes You Beautiful” Video?

One Direction is known as the biggest boyband in this generation with more than half a billion fans all around the world.

The band consist five members. Harry Styles, the curly lad with a bandana on his head. Liam Payne, the “daddy” direction who’s taking a shot. Louis Tomlinson, the Dad. Niall Horan, the blonde. And Zayn Malik, the lad at the back. Unfortunately, Zayn Malik announced his department last year. 

Zayn’s department affected the lads’ career big time. And unfortunately, again, they decided to have a hiatus and said to be back when the time comes.

What Makes You Beautiful is One Direction’s biggest single with 153, 965 copies sold on its first week, 4 million copies in the US alone and 5 million copies worldwide. It is the most viewed music video by a boygroup, best selling song by a boyband in digital history, one of the biggest selling singles​ of all time, and the most pre-ordered​ SME single in the history.

But despite of its success, some seems to think that the boys flop when it comes to YouTube views. What Makes You Beautiful garnered more than 800 million views on its 7 years of being released, making it the most viewed music video by a boy group. Followed by Drag Me Down and One Thing.

Directioners are too keen to surpass 1 billion views, something that the lads hadn’t achieved ​yet. And just earlier, some news had spread, saying that the VEVO added something on the One Direction’s video. Did VEVO really do it, or is it one of Directioners tactics to surpass 1 billion they are hoping for for more than a year now?

One Direction fans posted on Facebook that it really did happen, but unfortunately they said that some lucky fans are the only one to get the chance to see the 7.23.17 on the video.

July 27, 2010 is when the band was formed and this coming 27th is the band’s 7th Anniversary. A sign of come back from hiatus, but sadly, the lads are still happy living their life as a soloist. With Harry Styles’ 2018 concert tour, the comeback this year the fans are waiting for is most likely impossible to happen.

But for now, the numbers on the video the fans are saying isn’t legit yet.